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BIOLOGY 2 is a college preparatory survey course intended to prepare students for further study in science at the college level. This course is meant to help you develop an appreciation for living things, while teaching you to think like a scientists. You can expect this to be challenging, interesting, and rewarding. Course work includes scientific readings, exams and quizzes, homework, projects/presentations, and laboratory assignments that require students to analyze data and graphical information as it pertains to a biological system.  On this website, you can access schedules, grades, handouts, videos, articles, and more.

If possible check the weekly schedule that is handed out during class to get the most detailed information about what we did in class and the homework.  Google calendar is very limited and I don't usually write EVERY detail.  The weekly schedule handout is the MOST DETAILED.

Welcome to AP Biology!  You can expect a challenging, fast-paced, and rewarding year, as you continue to explore many of the themes introduced in the first-year course, critically examine current and controversial events within the field of Biology, prepare for the AP exam, and do extensive work in the laboratory.  We will be looking at life from ecological, evolutionary, cellular, and molecular perspectives, and one of our main goals will be to integrate these perspectives.  Some of our guiding questions will include:

  • How do form and function relate, and how is evolution a driving theme here?
  • What is the molecular basis for life?  How can we discover more about life's origins?
  • How is internal balance or homeostasis achieved by living organisms?
  • What patterns and similarities exist between species, no matter how different these species may seem from one another? 
  • How does such diversity arise, despite so much being nearly identical between species?
  • How can our understandings be applied to medical and environmental progress?